Milo and Molly



About Milo and Molly

I'm Kristen, wife and mom of two, plus our cuddly and adorable poodle, Casey. To quickly sum me up: I am not a morning person.  I drink large amounts of tea each day.  I like to read and cook and play with new fabric, and I have a weakness for Reese's Pieces sundaes.





Fabric and felt in color.

I have always had a love for fabric and dreams of making fantastic creations, but I didn't always know what to do with the fabric once I had it in hand. My sewing machine actually scared me a little bit.

When I found myself needing a creative outlet, having become a stay-at-home mom, I turned to paper crafting, which was more predictable and easier to work with than fabric. I slowly filled my Etsy shop with colorful bookmarks, note cards, and gift tags. I found that I really enjoyed putting colors together and coming up with bright combinations- the opposite of what I would choose in terms of an outfit for myself! As I continued to add to my shop and searched for new project ideas, I kept coming across fabric creations that I loved and bookmarked them for later.  I finally decided to try out a few small projects that I had saved and found that the more I sewed, the better I became at it (surprise) and the more confident I was behind the machine. Coincidentally, my fabric stash has also grown quite large.

Now working mostly in the evenings once the house is quiet, I create brightly-colored fabric and paper designs, most of which I would like to keep for myself, but instead I sent them off across the country and around the world and hope they make their new owner happy. I still keep a running list of items to make later so check in with me often to see what I've come up with.